Be Kinetic builds WordPress websites using the Divi Theme, by Elegant Themes, because it allows you full control of every aspect of your website. We never want you to feel like you are a slave to your website management company. We train you how to manage your website and offer support packages just in case you get stuck. 

Achieve your sales and marketing goals

A beautiful website is not always an effective website. A well-planned website will offer you more opportunities to automate a portion of your sales and marketing goals. We work with the end in mind. Defined page architecture, clear calls to action, bold design layouts, and engaging functionality support your brand identity and website content. Our goal is to enhance the overall user experience resulting in a lasting positive first impression. But—It’s your goals that are most important and the foundation for creating a succesful final product.

We follow a detailed process, offer tools to help you plan your content and define your goals, and meet often to check in on progress. Building your website is a seamless experience from kickoff until launch.

Document, Resource & Product Libraries

Resource libraries allow large quantities of categorized data to be managed in sortable tables and custom post types. Website users will be able to easily sort through your documents, products, or resources with ease by category, tag, or custom defined grouping.  Custom post types and designs will enhance your content and promote an ideal user experience. Password protect proprietary resources and build a network of prospects and product ambassadors by adding membership functionality.

Membership Platforms

Membership organizations with regional or national membership participation influence more connection between members by building online communities. Be Kinetic enhances a membership organization’s web presence by offering functionality like discussion forums, membership communities, and online membership management. Additional functionality like password protected resource libraries and learning management systems can also be included to transform a marketing tool into a membership resource and benefit. 


Launching a new product or service can be a daunting task. At Be Kinetic, we provide with guidance and tools to help you map out your website plan. We will also help you define user call to actions, such as form submittal or resource download, for each phase of your product launch. Product specifications and other resources can be catagorized into resource libraries for easy access to information. Custom post types like “use cases” or “client stories” create additional opportunities to diversify your resource content and further engage your client or customer to return to learn more about your brand. Our goal is to support your content with a beautiful design and functionality that influences positive user experience.

We Do More Than “Make It Pretty”…

We are more than a branding agency; we take your marketing goals into consideration with every suggestion and solution. Whether revitalizing your existing website or launching a bold new project, our tailored solutions elevate your online presence to capture and engage your target audience effectively.

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